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My Little Cupcake
My Little Cupcake

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Yarn Wreath

I found the cutest fall wreath yesterday while searching on Pinterest for fun projects and crafts to do for decorations! (Did I tell you my new obsession is Pinterest!?) Its a wreath made out of yarn!! So simple...why didn't I think of that??

My Inspiration ~ Fall Yarn Wreath from Pinterest

So of course I had to run out to buy the supplies and make one myself!!

Here is my Fall Yarn Wreath:

Its so easy to make! Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it! :)

Materials you'll need:
  • Styrofoam wreath (any size but I bought the largest they had in stock)
  • yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • any embellishments you want to add to it. (I made felt flowers from the website listed above so you will need to get sheets of felt in colors that match your yarn you choose)
How to make it:

Hot glue a starting point for your yarn on the wreath. Wrap the yarn around your wreath close together. At stopping points, I cut the yarn and hot glued it down. That way I didn't have to worry about it unraveling before I could work on it again. And that's it! So simple! If you decide to add extras, just hot glue them on your yarn wreath. I made felt flowers in colors that coordinate with my yarn colors.

Here's how to make the felt flowers:

Cut a circle out of your felt. Bigger circles make bigger flowers so cut your circle depending on how big you want your flower to be. Begin cutting the circle into a spiral from the outer edge working inward. Leave a small circle uncut at the end (this will be your bottom of the flower). Next, start at the tip you started cutting your spiral and roll inward, keeping one edge flat. Once you've rolled all the way to the end, put a dot of glue to secure it. Then hot glue the bottom to your spiral flower. That's it!

I hope you enjoy making your very own yarn wreath! Happy crafting!!

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