My Little Cupcake

My Little Cupcake
My Little Cupcake

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monogrammed Pumpkins

I love all things monogrammed....especially if it's for my daugher, Kate!! So...while searching on Pinterest for cute and festive pumpkin-decorating ideas, I came across an adorable monogrammed pumpkin! Here are our Halloween pumpkins for this year!

Of course Kate gets her very own pumpkin to decorate her room with! :) :)

So, here is how I made them:

First, you will need these supplies:

Letters - I picked up these from Hobby Lobby
Paint Scribbles - to make dots on pumpkin with
Mod Podge
Ribbon of your choice
Floral wire

Attach your monogrammed letter to you pumpkin using the mod podge.

Next, paint your pumpkin with the Paint Scribbles to make different colored dots that match your  ribbon. Let the paint dry before attaching the bow.

To make the bow, I cut the ribbon (I used 4 different colors of ribbon) in the length I wanted, crossed them together and tied with floral wire.

Leave enough floral wire in the back of the bow to tie onto the pumpkin stem. If you don't have enough to tie, you can always just hot glue the bow onto the stem. Happy crafting!! :)

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